Helping you engage.

When a business relationship with retirement age consumers is essential; you need effective engagement.

ef·fec·tive en·gage·ment

means connecting with a larger share of the retirement-age market and moving them along the customer journey toward their goals and your current distribution.

The Problem: Boomers are disengaged and overlooked.

  • 2021 has changed the rules of engagement across every phase of your customer lifecycle.
  • In large part, they were already unaware, confused, turned off or just plain disengaged from your outreach.
  • That’s bad timing because they really need help with their lifetime decisions. Helping them helps you.

How We Help

If you want to reach out and help retirement-age consumers become high-intent buyers, we can help you actively engage them through an authentic, empathetic, personalized approach that works—but do it efficiently and at scale.

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We are not a retirement income calculator.

Engaged Retirement is different from other retirement tools online, because:

-It removes the fear of judgement. There are no deficits, red zones or magic numbers to repel consumers.

-It is human centered. We are leading consumers through a digital experience to connect with a human advisor, and

-It has the ability to drive large numbers of people to seek the quality advice of a professional.

How it Works

We're not trying to tell people what to do—we're trying to change how they think about what to do through a series of conversational quizzes. feedback, just-in-time education, personalized retirement readiness reports, and actionable next steps. This process is one of self-discovery, transforming the consumer from uncertain to confident by monitoring the traditional sales model. The difference is in the details.

Approachable Experience

The best way to combat unawareness, insecurity, and overwhelm is to make retirement planning more accessible

Behavioral Best Practices

Our behaviors drive our actions—by looking to our behavioral history, we can better understand our tendencies in the future


Retirement planning isn't one-size-fits-all, and a more personalized experience is a more powerful experience

Consumers Love Our Approach

“I found it to be reflective of gut reactions and it was pretty simplified in terms that I could understand.”
“The quizzes were actually fun and easy to do. They kept me engaged and curious to the results.”
“I like this … The ease, the flow of it. I'm not tech savvy at all.”
“I think it's a very great concept … kind of eye opening …”
During the end of the week of March 23, 2020, we conducted 100 unmoderated validations with participants matching demographic preferences (50-65, employed, mix of HHI ranges from $50k-200k+, mix of credit scores, mix of gender, ethnicity, education, mix of job type—white-collar, blue-collar, government—and mix of US geography). Participants completed a pre-test survey, then reviewed an intro email (half with a video), visited the prototype via desktop or mobile on their own, and completed a short post-test survey.

What’s in it for you?

A cost-effective experience that cultivates high-intent consumers and complements the tools you already have

Significant data and insight opportunities

Access to nimble technology and an experienced marketing team

We provide you with an innovative, branded, personalized, SaaS platform that actively engages all retirement-age consumers

We aren’t trying to tell consumers what to do, we are trying to change how they think about what to do.

That’s why it works.

We invite you to learn more about effective engagement.